Welcome to the Conference Championship games Upset Watch.

  • The penultimate week of the year sees the two clear favorites in both conferences, the Ravens and 49ers, face one last test before a Super Bowl that has seemed like an inevitability for much of the season.
  • The Ravens take on the Chiefs in Baltimore, while the 49ers host the upstart Lions. With all four teams now having beaten solid opposition, can either of those underdogs pull off an upset?
  • We'll have our picks on Thursday afternoon (around 1pm ET), with full analysis for both games published by Friday morning (apologies, slight delay on this).
  • We'll cover injuries, weather, and each team's 'true' performances, as well as all of the other factors you're used to in Upset Watch.
  • As there are only two games, it's unlikely that either game will require a late switch unless a huge injury occurs to a star player. That said, we'll update via an app notification if anything changes.