About Us

About Us:

We all know that data is the king when it comes to making better decisions in sports.

Pickwatch helps over a million NFL and College football fans source picks from the very best experts and users in the NFL media and fanbase.

Our job is to help you make your picks each week. Whether you're in a pick'em pool, betting on sport in one of the newly legal areas, or entering our weekly, monthly and yearly contests, we can give you the best chance to win cash each week.

What we do

We track three core datasets and transform them into easily searchable and customizable dashboards that you can come back to week after week during the NFL season.

  • The experts at every media network, many of whom enter picks directly into our system.
  • Our users, who have made millions of picks over the last five years.
  • The stats, trends and analytics from every game over the last twenty years.

You can check an expert's lifetime record, or drill down into how well they pick a certain team, or check out our custom stats such as 'Clutch' and 'Against the Grain' stats, that narrow the focus to find out which experts and users truly know what they're talking about.

Coming in 2021: MLB, NBA and NHL Pickwatch!