Welcome to wild card week's Upset Watch.

  • We have underdog picks throughout the playoffs, plus analysis of every game. Last week, we went 3-1, notching wins for the Texans, Titans and Chiefs, while the Bears fell short. That generated another big profit for us, and the column is now firmly in profit for the 4th consecutive season. We're now up $870 over the last 6 weeks.
  • But the season isn't over, and there are, as always lots of opportunities for underdogs in the postseason. Last year, we had a very strong run, predicting all of the upsets in the first two rounds perfectly.
  • We'll be picking some games early and some games late, as per last week, where our decision to hold off for lineup information was validated by our results. With multiple quarterback injuries, we'll have to wait and see on some teams over the next few days.
  • As with last week, we'll be sure to advise you whether a pick is better made early or late, based on whether we see the odds changing or not.
  • Finally, we're also discussing some format changes to Upset Watch for next season, based on your feedback. We're conscious that we carry some information - injuries, schedules - in separate areas of the platform, and where it's relevant, we'd like to bring that together, as well as ensure the styling is easier to read.