In March of 2024, we're launching our latest innovation: Pickwatch VIP.

Pickwatch has always been about tracking the experts, and connecting you with people who can help you improve your win rate.

Now, starting with March Madness, you can get help directly from real life experts in our new VIP chat area.

What is Pickwatch VIP Access?

You can now chat directly to some of the best experts we track, in our VIP Discord. We're committed to getting you unique, unparalleled access to expert advice, and VIP Access dials that up a notch, allowing you to speak in a chat channel that only other VIP members can access.

Unlike limited Q&A sessions that may last an hour and then be over before you can even ask a question, our Discords are available 24/7, with experts able to answer whenever they're available. Some of you will undoubtedly have seen other discord channels over the years, and know how it works, but if not, read on for more FAQs!

Who are the experts?

In Basketball, we've partnered with our friends over at Dimers, whose algorithms are generating the best NBA win percentage of any CPU picks or expert in 2023-24.

Their head of data science will be answering your questions over the next month, as the Men's NCAA tournament gets into full swing. If you need help with your picks, this is the man to talk to.

In the NFL, we've teamed up with 2023's top-ranked expert, and who has finished in the top-3 in three of the last five years. He'll be available throughout the week to chat through your decisions come August.

We've also extended our agreement with the Football Scientist, KC Joyner. KC is ESPN's former fantasy analytics guru, and from August, his paid football start/sit service will be available on Pickwatch, as well as live chats and start/sit advice in his own private discord channel.

How do I chat to experts?

Experts will be available in our VIP Discord channel. Discord is the leading community chat tool, used by thousands of companies worldwide to bring people together. It's completely free, safe, secure, and you can also launch it in a web browser or on your phone. You can download Discord here.

What can I discuss with experts?

Anything! Of course, each expert has a specific approach, but the picks don't always tell the story of how confident an expert is, or how big the edge is. For example, a Data Scientist can tell you the edge that each team has in a basketball game, so you can expect to have a quantifiable, percentage-based answer to most questions.

Other experts are just good at going with their gut. To them, it's an art, not a science, and getting their input on your decisions in each game means telling you what they think.

Can I chat with other Pickwatch users?

Yes! Pro users and VIP users have access to community channels dedicated to each sport. These channels are for general discussion, and there is no limit on what can be discussed, whether on or off topic (providing it doesn't break our house rules!)

How do I get access?

VIP Membership is available by clicking here. The March Madness package is very reasonably priced at $29.99 per month, and that gives you unlimited access to chat directly with experts about upcoming games in every sport. You can also sign up annually and get access to experts in every sport for $99, a huge saving.

Will there be more experts coming?

Yes! Our March Madness VIP expert chat is a beta test, but there will be further channels for each sport. We already have our NFL lineup close to complete, and we're adding experts in MLB and NHL once March Madness ends.

In addition, our own NFL column, Upset Watch, will be coming to our VIP Discord channels in August too.

Are there any rules?

There are some house rules:

Be respectful to others, don't be disruptive or impact the enjoyment of others, and don't share paid information/data to users who don't have access to it (or search for technical exploits).

A basic rule of thumb is that if you're making life difficult for the experts, you're making life difficult for everyone. We're taking a common-sense approach to moderation, because we want you to have the freedom to question and disagree, but just be considerate of others and of our staff working to provide this service.


That's it for now! This March Madness period is the first step of many on this road. We're committed to getting you the best quality information, and access that put you ahead of the competition. If you have any feedback or comments, you can email us at [email protected] with your thoughts.