Welcome to the Divisional Round Upset Watch.

  • Each week of the playoffs we'll continue our picks and in-depth analysis of every game. Last week, we hit on the Bucs to generate a profit, but lost on the Rams (by a point), and spent an entire column telling you to pick the Packers because the Cowboys are terrible, but then ignoring our own advice and taking the Cowboys anyway. That's because sometimes, I am a certifiable moron.
  • On a lighter note, our performance in the second half of the season has been spectacular. If you joined in week 10, and staked $100 on all of our underdog winner and cover picks since that point, you'd be over $1000 in profit now.
  • As with last week, our focus in the Divisional round is on quality over quantity. We have repeated our feat of 2022 and picked a winner in every regular season week, but the playoffs are different. We may roll with 1-2 underdog picks maximum at this stage, and in some cases, we may even advise you to not pick any.
  • As for the timing of the column, you can expect us to have our picks in by later on Wednesday, but we'll make any potential changes by Friday. Our analysis of every game will also be in by Friday.
  • Any 'no pick' games are just that - but those are the games to watch in the run up to kickoff, as they are likely weather/injury related. I'll try to be clear about the defining elements (ie: Jaire Alexander last week defined our pick, yet played). On that note, I will say that if we get information on injuries right up until game time, they might impact picks.