As you know, it's been a difficult week in the NFL with the injury and subsequent cardiac arrest that Bills Safety Damar Hamlin suffered on Monday night. It goes without saying that our thoughts are with him and his family, and we are hoping that he pulls through.


Unfortunately, as is the way in the NFL, things move on at a hectic pace, and we're already on to Wednesday. It's week 18, and another major issue for us is that lots of lineup decisions can go pretty left-field (for example, Washington starting Sam Howell at QB, that was only announced a few hours ago). We also don't know who will start for each team, and we have little indication of how long they'll play for, even if they do.

Ordinarily, I'd post Upset Watch's underdog wins and covers for the week on Wednesday, but because of the pause after Monday night's tragedy, most teams have only just begun to release team news.

It will be later in the week before we have a true idea of who will play for the playoff teams, and rather than guess at this, we want to make sure those picks aren't going to be undone by team news!

So provisionally, we will be posting our upset picks tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. That should give us more time to hear the rumors and snippets of information about who will be playing this weekend for each team. After that, we'll have to leave some of it to chance!

So if you're an Upset Watch reader, we appreciate you, but we'll ask you to check back tomorrow afternoon to ensure you get the best info - not just the fastest.