Today sees the launch of a powerful new element of the platform, the ability to filter all of our data quickly and easily.

As you know, our focus at the moment is on improving our core tools. That means listening to your feedback, which has been very helpful in prioritizing our workload. If you have suggestions, you can contact us and we'll log your ideas, and as always, the good ones, or the ones with the most support, will get bumped up in priority!


These filters are a huge step forward for you and us.

We carry an extremely large amount of data, but right now, you're largely reliant on the raw data, rather than having the ability to drill down into it and find what's important to you. Prior to today, the only legacy filter we had active was the minimum pick percentage on the current season, which is set by default to 50% in the NFL, and 25% elsewhere.

That has changed dramatically.

If you want the short version, the new filters allow you to create a custom table, filtered by your desired criteria, and include data that was previously found in separate tables (eg: underdog records, historical records, custom timeframe performance) alongside standard data like win % and profit.

To open the filters, simply click the 'filters' button in the top right of the table.

What has changed?

For the first time you'll be able to run a search of our data to refine the experts or fans that currently meet your criteria, and see their picks. You'll also be able to store these search queries with a custom name, and then access them quickly next time.

Some example filters and some of our new data that you can search and put into one table for the first time:

  • NEW: Show only experts who picked a certain team this week (up to 3 teams at a time)
  • NEW: See only experts who have made over a certain % of picks this week.
  • NEW: Filter experts by minimum number of picks made (lifetime) (eg: show only experts who have made over 1,000 picks)
  • Minimum win percentage over the week, season, or even lifetime
  • Minimum number of underdog picks picked over the week or season
  • NEW: Historical data eg: minimum season win % in 2022
  • All of our current data points eg: profit, wins, underdogs
  • Data over specific timeframes (eg: last 7 weeks, or whatever you select)
  • Many, many more options

This is just a flavor of what is possible, and you can, of course, combine these, so you can, for example, choose to see only experts with a lifetime win percentage over 60%, who have made over 500 picks, and who picked the Cleveland Browns this week. Whatever your query, no matter how niche, we can now help you find it.

In addition, we've also given you the ability to save queries with a custom name, and reload that query for any week in future. That means you can quickly hone in on the data you trust most, with minimal effort.

We'll be adding a couple of new advanced data points to the filters in the coming weeks, specifically, you'll soon be able to add the win percentage and records when picking a specific team (or teams!) to your query, so not only could you find those experts with a great lifetime record overall, but you can also for the first time include their record when picking the teams that are causing you the biggest dilemmas this week.

Oh, one last thing, in the top right-hand corner of the filters section, you can find a bunch of preset data that we think some of you may be interested in. Clicking one will load it up, and you can then play with the filters and sorting yourself to refine it.

Any feedback on filters is massively appreciated. This is a powerful tool that I know many of you will love exploring, but If you think we can add something to make it even better, we can certainly do so if you let us know.

Oh, and it probably goes without saying now, but you do need a Pro membership to access the results of your queries. This is powerful stuff that can simplify your week, and is well worth the $2.50 per month we charge for this data that generates incredible results for existing members on a regular basis.

New Expert Profiles

(Work in Progress screenshot, data is for illustrative purposes and not real)

Our current expert profiles are... colorful. The truth is that those were developed 3 and a half years ago, and at the time, Pickwatch had a slightly different color scheme, and also we carried a lot less data, that was not as interesting as some of the new things we've added.

Now, we're half way through our new profiles, and they're designed to offer you quick access to an expert's full statistical breakdown in one place, and the ability to search their picks, follow them, and get a lot more granular data on each expert or fan.

I'll be sharing some more info on these as we come towards the end of them, but we're looking at some time around the end of this month for a release.

Custom Favorite Lists

One of the more requested features is the ability to have custom favorites for each sport and pick type. We're doing that now, and they'll be ready shortly. That means if you really like an expert's spread picks, but aren't interested in their straight-up picks, you don't have to see them in any game type except ATS.

We'll be adding more customization to this in future, with the ability to create a custom list from scratch, name that list, and control which experts and pick types you want for each list, but for now, this quick release should still improve things for most users!

Next up...

We have so many things we're improving at Pickwatch, and our next few items are some cool little features that have been suggested by you guys. Here are a few tasters:

  • Game Hubs - to be added for all sports + improvements in lineup visuals
  • Game recaps and Box scores - you'll soon be able to click on any game hub, and if the game has been played, get a detailed summary of what happened, which players led the game in all categories, and drill down into the box score.
  • Stats pages - We currently carry these for the NFL, but they were last touched 4 years ago. They are a pretty powerful tool for assessing performance over a custom timeframe, but we can add a few tweaks to be a huge improvement over other stats sites in terms of usefulness.
  • Private Leagues - we'll be revamping these over the offseason, but one big emphasis will be adding them to the app.
  • Find yourself quickly in the table with one click
  • Get pick information - (when made, spread, stake, profit etc) for every pick by clicking it.
  • Improved interface for player props - you'll be able to select more like our futures picks, picking the players and props via the table, rather than a big form.
  • Series scores for sports with multiple game series (ie: NBA/NHL/MLB playoffs)
  • Playoff and bracket views - We're aiming for March Madness next season to be viewable as a traditional bracket if you wish to do so.

Phew! There are dozens of smaller features that haven't made this list, many of them focused on making performance better, or improving the layout with small tweaks based on your feedback. We're also committed to making more of our data available by a single click, which ties in nicely with our filters!

If you want to see something, the best way to do so is to send us an email, and we'll add it to our ever-expanding to-do list.

As always, not only do we appreciate the 25,000+ paying members of Pickwatch, but we also appreciate all of the people who use the platform. Your suggestions and help to improve the site are invaluable, and we have taken your feedback into account at every step of the way.

Happy picking,

Shaun and the Pickwatch team